Toronto is often described as the financial capital of Canada, as it is one of the largest business hubs.

However, the cost of living in Toronto is far greater than the average cost of living in other parts of the country.

Here is the list of the 10 highest-paying jobs in the Toronto area within each growing sector.


With the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for healthcare workers has drastically increased. Similarly, in Toronto, the healthcare industry continues to grow and provides several opportunities to move up in your career.

Some of the highest paying titles under Healthcare are:

  • Surgeon: Average annual salary of $196,401 per year
  • Medical Director: Average yearly pay of $171,401 per year
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Business & Finance 

Careers in business and finance are beneficial as they provide management and leadership role opportunities. Moreover, the business and finance industry is generally lucrative. High-paying jobs in this field are:

  • Marketing Director: Average annual salary of $140,137 per year
  • Investment Manager: Average yearly salary of $95,915 per year

Information Technology 

The fastest-growing industry in Toronto that continues to be in demand is IT or Information Technology.

Additionally, as most things move to a digital landscape, all industries need tech-savvy employees. Below are high-paying tech jobs in Toronto.

  • Developer: Average annual salary is $114,400 per year.
  • Software Engineering Manager: Average yearly pay of $110,930 per year.
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Another high-paying industry is the legal industry. However, being a very competitive field, there are not as many job opportunities as before. Nevertheless, if you are passionate about law, below are high paying legal jobs you could consider:

  • Lawyer: Average yearly salary is $102,474 per year.
  • Paralegal: Average annual wage of $78,059 per year.


Although construction may not be as attractive as other industries, it continues to be one of the high-paying jobs. Additionally, you can earn higher wages as you get promoted to a managerial position.

  • Construction Manager: Average annual salary of $98,253 per year
  • Civil Engineer: Average yearly salary of $84,000 per year
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